Beijing Daxing International Airport to open international air routes

Beijing Daxing International Airport to open international air routes
China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and others have gotten operation right of international air routes as Beijing Daxing International Airport (BDIA) is about to open soon, according to a press conference held by Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on July 9, 2019.These airlines are entitled to operate air routes between BDIA and multi-nations including the UK, Russia, Republic of Korea and Egypt.In addition, the preliminary allocation of traffic rights resource of the route between Beijing Daxing and Paris has finished. BDIAs route to Japan is under assessment now.CAAC provides foreign airlines much more flexibility and autonomous right in their operation.The foreign airlines would like to provide service in both Beijing Capital International Airport and BDIA or in either of them.If foreign airlines initially move to operate at BDIA, they may get their flight number increased and flight time optimized.Now, Finnair has announced to open flights to and fro BDIA.Airbus A330 will be used to fly on this route with three flights per week, each on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday respectively.Poland Airlines has also announced to open one flight each day from BDIA to Warsaw from October 28, 2019.

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